Adalbert's BLUBERRY Black Tea ORGANIC - 25 x 2g saszetki

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BLUBERRY Black Tea ORGANIC is an extraordinary taste and quality of the best ingredients from certified crops. A combination of black Ceylon tea with the essence of blueberries.

The tea is packed in an exclusive cardboard box, with interesting embossing. In the carton there are 25 beautifully decorated, paper sachets (each sachet contains 2 grams of the highest quality tea).

Net weight: 50 g (25x2g)

Ingredients: BIO black Ceylon tea BOPF, natural berry fruit oil

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Species: BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) is a tea whose leaves are evenly and finely cut. It does not contain buds.

Ceylon black tea
The most popular type of tea. It is subjected to a long production process. The basic stages are: wilting, curling, fermenting and drying. The taste qualities are determined by such factors as: the country of origin of the tea, plantation, harvest time or the degree of wilting.

Ceylon black teas are considered the best in the world. Carefully selected upper leaves from the bushes give an infusion worth recommending to connoisseurs.

How to prepare:
Put 1 sachet of tea in a cup and pour fresh boiling water (100°C).
Brew 3-5 minutes.

Useful tips:
Too long brewing causes the infusion to be tart.
Cook in the kettle always fresh water, do not brew tea already once boiled water.

Storage conditions:
Store in a dry and cool place, in a tightly closed package.


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